Traumatic Superficial Venous Aneurysm with Thrombosis

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Tony Y. Li


Venous aneurysm (VA) is a solitary focal dilation of a vein. Traumatic superficial VA is rare. In this case study, an extremely rare superficial VA with thrombosis caused by blunt injury is reported. The patient presented with a painless soft mass in the medial aspect of the distal leg with previous history of local blunt injury. The mass was partially compressible and had no significant change with the leg in dependent or elevated position. Duplex ultrasonography revealed a focal dilation of a vein segment with a hypoechoic content inside, which is consistent with a superficial VA with thrombosis. The possible pathogenesis may be that the local injury causes degenerative change leading to the weak vein wall, while more static pressure and less emptying power in the vein of the distal leg result in the local vein dilatation and thrombus formation.

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